I was envisioning fresh denim as a blank canvas that you “customize” through your own wear and tear.


I remember when Levi’s first came out with the mini extra pocket on their jeans.  I have always found them useful for keeping change separate or for guitar picks, etc. and now they are standard on many pairs of jeans.  I thought about it a little bit ago because my car clicker broke and no longer attaches onto my key chain so I’ve been keeping it in the mini pocket.  Later i thought about it again when I got annoyed because i wore a pair of pants without one and the clicker kept falling out of my big pocket.  So i guess is what i’m trying to say is thanks Levi’s, cause i’m not trying to lose that.

A world without jeans.  I should have thought about what i was searching when i came up with this idea… enough said.  Anywaysss, I thought about approaching this from a “if i can’t have my jeans, then I will wear no pants!” perspective.  Either way i wouldn’t want to be in this subway car.  They could use definitely use some Levis.


I wanted to see something other than just a pair of jeans but find something that would draw peoples attention.  This combo worked the best for me and i feel like it draws you in towards the center while still having a denim feel with the zippers surrounding the center creating a focal point.  A lot of times the simpler things appeal to me and provide a memorable association with a brand.


This is focusing on the craftsmanship and fine stitching put into each pair of Levi’s jeans to make them extremely durable.