To promote people having a variety of pairs of jeans in their
wardrobe i would show a person using a thin solo type cup in the
morning to drink orange juice then they take it with them to work and
pour a cup of coffee into the same cup.  This grosses them out
and the cup becomes too hot for the person and they have to put the
cup down and wait.  Then after drinking the coffee they have a
work party for someones birthday and cake and soda is served. They
pour the soda into the same cup and cringe from the disgusting mix of
flavors from the previous coffee.  “You wouldn’t use just
one cup for everything would you?” would come across the screen
promptly.  It flashes to a person who only has one beat up
boring looking pair of jeans.  Their significant other gives
them a look and next scene they are in the store buying a bunch of
different styles and shades of denim.