If levis were to try and bring back wide leg jeans then i would think they would want to focus on the freedom of movement in the jeans.  So my idea was to have a guy go through a purposefully over the top action sequence in which he sees a puppy get stolen and chases after it.  The thief and the puppy escape recklessly through the street creating a crazy mess of explosions and wrecked cars and the man has to run, jump and flip his way through while wearing the jeans.  He then jumps off the top of the last car and knees the puppy thief in the back, causing him to drop the dog which then runs into a martial arts dojo.  The man in the jeans knocks out the thief and runs into the dojo and is stopped  by the students right before he grabs the dog.  His jeans and his shoes are insulting the master and they fight in an spinning, flipping action sequence that requires some flexibility to showcase the wide leg jeans.  He then walks over the fallen master and picks up the dog and returns it the woman who originally had the pup.