to allow people to get creative with their jeans i propose an online or in store jean builder that would allow you to pick the stain of denim, size, fit, and even stitching.  This might cause people to enjoy their jeans more since they were able to be a part of creating them.  They could create great ad campaigns to accompany this like a person picking a new pair of jeans for each group of people that he hangs around.  If he was to go into a rock show he could switch to tight jeans, then if he were to go out fishing maybe switch to some plain blue loose fits or something.


To promote people having a variety of pairs of jeans in their
wardrobe i would show a person using a thin solo type cup in the
morning to drink orange juice then they take it with them to work and
pour a cup of coffee into the same cup.  This grosses them out
and the cup becomes too hot for the person and they have to put the
cup down and wait.  Then after drinking the coffee they have a
work party for someones birthday and cake and soda is served. They
pour the soda into the same cup and cringe from the disgusting mix of
flavors from the previous coffee.  “You wouldn’t use just
one cup for everything would you?” would come across the screen
promptly.  It flashes to a person who only has one beat up
boring looking pair of jeans.  Their significant other gives
them a look and next scene they are in the store buying a bunch of
different styles and shades of denim.

why miss out on a whole different market?  They could create a variety of styles of denim pet clothing and create a commercial showing pet owners and their pets wearing similar styles of denim clothing.  This could include a girl with a jean jacket and her dog wearing the same thing, or maybe in cutoffs or overalls.  Then show how some dogs playing real crazily and slightly rough and say something to the effect of jeans as tough as your dogs are. another idea for a commercial is maybe the dogs behaving like humans going through everyday things like buying groceries, and dogs in class, or a dog party.   I also would find it funny if they showed the dogs wearing the jeans imitating a serious jean or even a cologne commerial with slow motion different camera angles of the jeans and the just the name of the pet line of levis before it fades out.

A duck is trying to take its ducklings across a road and one of them wanders off and comes across the road late.  While this happens a motorcyclist is racing down a treacherous road, missing many ridiculous obstacles and finally ends up falling to avoid hitting the lone duckling, and wipes out terribly rolling down the road ripping up most of their clothes except for their Levi’s jeans which are untouched.  The person is not extremely injured just scratched up everywhere with all other clothing tattered.  They get up, smirk and comment on how they should have worn their jacket.  Then we flash back to their bike garage and show the Levi’s denim jacket hanging on the wall.  It returns back to the person getting back on the bike focusing on the in tact jeans as they ride off again.

this ideas for a commercial in which there’s a pair of guys Levis jeans that is out on its own in the wild trying to find a partner, and he ends up meeting a wild brand-less pair of girl jeans.  They frolic out in the plains, forests and mountains but  the other pair of jeans ends up falling apart through excessive wear.  The Levis are depressed after this, but he meets a few other pairs of jeans and it flashes scenes from their lives with it always ending up the same and the Levis being left alone still in great condition.  The Levis after this are extremely sad, shown aimlessly wandering the wilderness until he finally meets another pair of girls Levis that wont fall apart on him.  I would leave the rest to be assumed and end the commercial there

Levi’s has alot of products that are not jeans that aren’t showcased enough.  Jeans will always be the first thing people think of when levi’s is brought up but they should try to promote their other products.  I noticed that they had a shoe line and thought they could start an ad campaign just focusing on some nice shoes.  They could show a pair of shoes from the middle of the shin down going through a night on the town, but just show flashes of the shoe walking, dancing and running without revealing the brand and let people wonder who makes the shoes for a little. Then finally reveal the levi’s logo on the shoe or just on the screen and say something like “more than just jeans”.  I think this would be a good way separate the shoes and expand the brand.

If levis were to try and bring back wide leg jeans then i would think they would want to focus on the freedom of movement in the jeans.  So my idea was to have a guy go through a purposefully over the top action sequence in which he sees a puppy get stolen and chases after it.  The thief and the puppy escape recklessly through the street creating a crazy mess of explosions and wrecked cars and the man has to run, jump and flip his way through while wearing the jeans.  He then jumps off the top of the last car and knees the puppy thief in the back, causing him to drop the dog which then runs into a martial arts dojo.  The man in the jeans knocks out the thief and runs into the dojo and is stopped  by the students right before he grabs the dog.  His jeans and his shoes are insulting the master and they fight in an spinning, flipping action sequence that requires some flexibility to showcase the wide leg jeans.  He then walks over the fallen master and picks up the dog and returns it the woman who originally had the pup.